Have you ever wondered " What exactly do you mean by Cold Pressed " and " Why are these oils different from the refine oils ? "
The Cold Pressed and Refined concept is like " Atta and Maida " the source is the same, but isn’t atta far superior to maida, nutritionally ? Refining degrades nutritional value, and more significantly, introduces harmful trans fats in an attempt to improve shelf life for commercial reasons. Whereas the Cold Pressing on the other hand have all their nutrients intact, retaining the natural properties of the oil seeds, unlike refined oil. We at THE OLD SOUL, strive hard to provide Premium Quality Cold Pressed Oil , without adding any chemicals or preservatives.

The process of Oil extraction at The Old Soul is as traditional as you are to your roots :

Procurement of premium quality raw materials
Procurement of raw material is a very critical factor affecting productivity, profitability and most importantly our coustomers healthy lifestyle. We have an eye of the oil content of oil seeds we purchase. 

At our workspace, we follow the traditional gravity and air seperation method to seperate the seeds and get rid of the unwanted material by size and density. We aslo use dust remover to remove unwanted dust from seeds.
Sun drying of seeds 
The cleaned seed are then spread in the sun to dry for a few days.The drying process reduces the moisture content to about 5-7%.
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Kohlu oil extraction
After the seeds are weighed , they are then transferred into a large alluminium container which is further attached to a wooden block of wood. This cylindrical log of wood moves in a clockwise direction and helps in crushisng the seeds. The pressure exerted in the process squeezes out pure oil, making it good for your heart and over all well being .

The fresh pressed oil from the kohlu has a certain amount of impurities. To get salable clean oil, the unwanted particles are removed by the process called as filtration. This process involves passing the oil through a cloth to ensure that all impurities are removed from the oil, giving a crystal and clear liquid for your healthy lifestyle.
Quality test
We at The Old Soul give weightage to the ' Quality Control ' and ' Quality Assurance ' . The oil produced undergoes testing at everypoint from manufacturing and packaging to distribution and retail sales .
Packaging and Labelling
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Dispatched with love 
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